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Soft Solutions is now Bing Adwords Partner in India

facebook Soft Solutions is now Bing Adwords Partner in Indiatwitter Soft Solutions is now Bing Adwords Partner in India
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Bing awarded accreditation to Soft Solutions, Bing Adwords Partner in India.

Bing which has partnered with Microsoft, has been gaining size able market share not only in searches but also in the online advertising, offers Bing ads training and accreditation meant primarily for advertising professionals. Through this course one can gain ample knowledge on subjects and topics related to ad-campaign optimization. The training focuses to enhance the knowledge on how to manage the marketing budget assigned and derive the most out of the ad campaigns with respect to the budget allocated. It equips one to strengthen the knowledge about the various tools and reporting platforms relevant to Bing ads and their usage.

Bing Accredited Professional – A Must in Today’s Global Village – If you are a PPC professional or an expert in the arena of internet advertising and promotion, getting a Bing Accreditation, is very important today. This is simply to ensure that all your campaigns are well optimized to generate great returns on investment. With businesses significantly strengthening their online presence today, every PPC campaign, whether it focuses on local customers or a global client base needs to be extremely result-oriented.

As a Bing Accredited Professional, Soft Solutions has received an accredited professional’s badge and a certificate, along with a coveted spot in Bing member directory, which in itself is proof enough of its competence and skills as an online advertising and PPC professional. If you want to hire Bing Ads Specialist to manage your bing adwords account, please Contact us now!

Bing Backlink Checker – How to use it

facebook Bing Backlink Checker – How to use ittwitter Bing Backlink Checker – How to use it
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If you own a website or blog and are really concerned about its page rank (PR), you must be aware of the term backlinks. So we are not going to tell you what backlinks are and how to get them. We assume you already know that. But, when you are aware of the term, you would also have confronted a question several times – ‘how to check backlinks?’ There are many online tools available to check backlinks. The most famous in the list is Bing webmaster tool. It was known as Yahoo Site Explorer earlier but now has been merged with Bing’s webmaster tools. The process is very simple.

bing21 300x124 Bing Backlink Checker – How to use it

When you log in to the webmaster tools section on the Bing, you can see a list of options at the left hand side. There you can see an option named ‘Link Explorer’. You need to have at least one valid site registered with web masters’ tool to use this service. The first thing you need to do is register yourself on the Bing, and then verify your ownership to the website either by uploading BingSiteAuth.XML to your account, or by adding the verifying string to the meta tags of index.html of your website.

When you logged in, you can submit the URL of your site. You can also select whether you want to see results for a particular URL or for a particular domain name.

Alternatively you can also type in the Bing to get a list of backlinks to your site. But do check that you have put a space after the otherwise you will not get any result.

Check Google Penalty

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June 2012 was the best time for some of the web masters, and it was the worst for many others. The reason was that some of the websites had suddenly moved up in the list and their competitors, who had been enjoying the upper position for long, had been dumped down badly. This is said to be the most acute and effective penalty Google has ever inflicted upon the wrong doers. The effect of this of Google’s penalty for manipulative links has been so rankling that the suggested remedy for the affected sites is to give up and start from scratch.

The first thing you need to remove penalties is to know about them. Many time developers do not know they have been penalized until they realize it by looking at the losing ground. However there are some methods which can help you check Google penalty. If you can know about penalty, you can sure make attempts to remove it by rectifying the problem.

What you can do to check Google penalty is to go to the webmaster’s tool in your account on Google and review the received messages. If your site has been penalized, there must be a message or two regarding that. It can be something like “We have detected that some of your site’s pages may be using technique that are outside Google’s Webmaster Guideline…..”

However it is not necessary that you would receive a message whenever there is a penalty inflicted. You will need to keep a watch on your Google analytics for that and in case you experience sudden unnatural drop in your ranking, check if there has been any update in algorithm recently, to cause this penalty.

Blogging: Popular Way of Increasing Your Online Web Presence

facebook Blogging: Popular Way of Increasing Your Online Web Presencetwitter Blogging: Popular Way of Increasing Your Online Web Presence
linkedin Blogging: Popular Way of Increasing Your Online Web Presencestumbleupon Blogging: Popular Way of Increasing Your Online Web Presencedigg Blogging: Popular Way of Increasing Your Online Web Presencereddit Blogging: Popular Way of Increasing Your Online Web Presence

The term “Blog” is coined by the words “Web log”. Web log is a website where details are placed in a reverse chronological order and is often updated with new information and developments by the owner of the website or contributed by the users. It generally uses a conversational type of documentation and often gives comments and point of views on the topics of interests on which the website is created. Generally blogs comprise of texts, hypertexts, art, photographs, images, sketch, music and sometimes they provide links to other web pages, videos, etc. Blogging is authoring, maintaining or adding an article or related material to an existing blog.

However in case you want to increase your website traffic then you can opt for blog submission . Blog submission in several high quality directories increases your online visibility. There are various seo companies that help you in improving the ranking of your website by offering blog submission services manually.

Blogs are of many kinds such as personal blogs, corporate blogs; media type blogs, political blogs, art blogs, travel blogs, fashion blogs, education blogs, etc.

Personal blogs are the most common blogs. In this persons create their own websites to note their commentaries on particular subjects which interest them. It takes the form of a running diary.

Corporate blogs can be used in the business area to enhance communications internally within the corporation and externally for marketing and branding.

Media type blogs comprise of videos, links, sketches, photos, etc.

An Artblog is a format of blog in which sharing and publishing of art work is done predominantly rather than textual work.

Though blogging had a slow start, it gained popularity rapidly and its usage spread gradually with the arrival of blog tools. Now it has become a kind of mainstream because it is updated daily and the viewers keep themselves aware of the new changes that are done every day. On some websites you can even provide commentary or can respond with the websites and its participants.

Why Having an Impressive website is Important?

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A website is a collection of pages representing your company, services/product, business on World Wide Web (www) files. This information includes text, audio, video, images, animation etc. Website is a presence of your company online. Websites are generally used in every type of business and even to provide information about their products/services, inquiries and orders. These websites share their links among each other to get target in different international locations and languages. Presently due to internet popularity and globalization, a website is a dynamic tool that proves to be beneficial in providing valuable information to your clients regarding your services and products globally. The search engine activities make the website more useful to achieve your business objective and targets. The website enables the company to sell their products and services online. It is one of the easier and useful way to spread out the information, to share the files, and for the identification of the companies intra and internationally. A website is the easiest way to create links with the widest audience to increase business popularity.

Website on the Internet is one of the excellent ways to promote your company or a product as well share your ideas, information and knowledge all over the world. Website is online representative and identity of your business. Your website works for you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, every day of the year. Try to update the contents of your website regularly as the visitors prefer to read the updated information on the website. Then your website would get more links and higher ranking position.

What is website designing? Explain few tips to improve it.

Website designing is a process of conceptualization, planning, building a collection of files that determines text style, color, layout, structure, graphics, images and other feature which helps to deliver the page on website. The content of website, way of working, way of looks, performance is determined by website designing. Professional websites tells the online presence of business. The incoming links represents the importance of website. Web designing plays more important role for getting these incoming links, which helps in page ranking. Good design creates more impact on your business. There are few main tips to be kept before designing a website:-

Template Designing: - The first and most important step of designing is template designing. These are pre made and available online also. Try to keep it simple and impressive, related with your company brand. It shows the main purpose of website. The complexity can make it unattractive and usually will be responsible for getting the avoidance. The designer must be aware of the offline and online tools to create layout, colors, text styles, structure, graphics and images.

Positioning: - The positioning of website should be central. It gives out honest impression and fantastic look to your product. It makes your website easy to move and show all contents smoothly all over.

Use less number of columns to increase more readability of the website.

Navigation: - navigation plays more important role in web designing. It improves the efficiency of the web pages by searching its content easily as it is used to access the web page to the site with direct clicking. It provides relevant result by getting their index quickly. With the help of navigation one can easily open any main link directly from home page instead of searching inside the whole website. It improves the efficiency of website by making it less time consuming

Text size: - Text size should be normal. Write every important element in bold format and it should be highlighted. This can be achieved by using colors also. Generally visitors avoid waiting for a long time to launching of website text so try to make it less heavy.

Differentiation:- Differentiation of sections gives effective looks to your website. Try to use natural bright color for custom web designing, which helps to demonstrate different section so that readers easily understand these parts. This effort is beneficial to get great attraction.

Avoid reflective shadows; it should be of better quality.

Logo & icons:- Try to use icon to represent highly valuable areas of the website. Logo creates more attention on your product. They help to explain the concept better than plain text.

Keep index page short. Don’t include all extra text into index it will make it confused.

Clean layout design: - align all the contents properly. You can use tables also to insert images and photos for safe designing. Font should be uniform and proper.

Placement: - all the web pages should be placed on proper position. Main Productive pages placed on strongest location so everybody can look it first.

Continuance:-continuance is a most common method to represent layout of the website. Move your all pages in same direction and continuous along the path. Keep in mind horizontal and vertical alignment before applying any style.

Isolation: – It creates unity in design & attraction in website. Suppose you have various flower vases on different pages of your web design. While on the main page you have just one beautiful flower different from others. The viewers automatically tend to notice this singular flower which stands out differently in the design.

Color contrast: - contrast can be created by using different colors in background, text, images & others graphic shapes.

Proportion: – This method provides standers for font text, html tags, CSS and other scalable objects.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO):- SEO is a technique used for getting your website visible to all global markets properly or effectively. It provides great opportunities to search relevant and effective strategy for your business in the whole world. Without SEO your website cannot get publicity and ranking and people would be unable to know about your services and product easily that’s why your business can suffer. To avoid this problem always use to promote your website on search engine optimization to bring great popularity through incoming links.

In order to provide professional look to your website you can opt for a reliable web development company company that offers seo friendly web design services.

Video sharing on the net! Why not?

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Gone are the days when the entire family used to get together, get huddled together in front of the Video Camera Recorders (VCRs) and enjoy the video film of the maternal uncle’s or aunt’s wedding. Yes, it was a whole lot of fun! The maid used to serve tea and snacks for the elders and milk for the youngsters. The entire family used to get nostalgic about the event(s) and had hearty laughs while sharing anecdotes. As time passed, viewing on the VCRs gave way to viewing on the video cameras itself. VCDs and DVDs inundated the market for videos. All one needed to do was to send these DVDs and VCDs to the kith and kin and let them be part of the fun that was recorded.

However, times are changing very fast and in the present day world, the rate of change in technology is faster than ever before. The technology changes before one blinks an eyelid. The advent of the World Wide Web has brought about numerous changes in the world. Amongst these copious changes is the manner in which we view media. And the newest media for all those videos that we were talking about in the beginning is the Internet. The video sharing websites have become a rage. And this enthusiasm about video sharing websites is not without reason. There are numerous companies that offer video submission services . These companies distribute your videos to several video sharing websites such as YouTube, Yahoo Video, MSN Video, etc.

One can share videos with scores of viewers. You can also view your favorite movie, a significant news update, something like a ‘how to’ video or plain entertainment, all available right at the click of a mouse. The video share websites make the task that much easier. You may not have to browse through the ocean of videos for your pal would help you find and watch your preferred video.

There is no dearth of tools and resources one would need to create and upload videos on the internet. Pertinent articles and editing tools are available in plentiful on the net itself. What’s more, these video sharing websites provide the option to post your videos for everyone to see or keep them for restricted select few viewers. Most websites, in addition to allowing hosting videos, lets the users rate the videos available on the website, post comments, and even subscribe to their pet producers.

The preferred machinery to play an extensive assortment of video content on the web is the Adobe Flash technology. Most browsers, including Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari, and Opera support use Adobe as a standard format. The videos can be searched by keywords or browsed by topic. One can scan the list of the most popular videos and then choose any, most or all of them to view. The searches by category and screenshot previews of the videos are available on most of these sites.

All is not hunk dory with these websites though. Some of the content promotes otherwise taboo topics which may damage young impressionable minds. Copyright abuses are common on these sites, however they have been overshadowed, at least till this point of time, as these video sharing websites sit high on the crest of popularity.

Some Effective SEO Strategies

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If you are running an online website then you should have complete knowledge of SEO. There are thousands of SEO service providers available online having different SEO strategies. Here are some effective SEO tips that you can implement yourself and give your websites a boost. Continue reading

Where to submit non-English website

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There are numerous non-English websites that are written in several languages such as French, Italian, Spanish, Russian, Portuguese, Swedish, Danish, German, Chinese, etc. Promoting a website plays an important role in order to get good ranking and also in reaching your targeted customers. Therefore it is imperative to submit the non-English websites to the relevant language directories. Also you can submit these websites to regional web directories. The regional web directories focus specifically on your language specific region. It is advisable to submit a website written in a particular language for e.g. A Russian website submitted in Russian website proves to be beneficial rather than submitting it in an English website. Moreover chances of link approval are less in English website and in case you get any benefit then there is no advantage gained as such in ranking, etc. Anchor text is important and so it is highly recommended to use the translated keyword in the link anchor text. Some social websites like Facebook, Stumbleupon, and lots more allow non-English content to be submitted to their websites. Thus it is highly recommended to submit non-english websites to language specific websites only as by submitting non-English websites into your own country specific web directories and also to the most relevant category for your country there are higher chances of getting higher approval rate. Continue reading

Knowing Google Panda

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Google has recently announced considerable changes in its web page rating strategies. This new algorithm is being discussed by different names viz. Farmer, Panda or Pandapocalypse. This has changed certain rules. Google used to evaluate web pages, and has been strengthened with further logics to filter low-quality pages and sites. These generally are the pages used as ‘content farms’, which are often filled with text for search queries but don’t add to user experience.

Google has always been improving its techniques to estimate relevancy of a web page or website by judging it from internal and external parameters. For example, an internal parameter can be text on this site or page, while external parameter can be external links leading to this particular page. Another important parameter is the user’s experience for this page such as how long it takes to download, how much time user stays on it, etc. It has also provided users with tools to block any site such as Chrome extension and blocking facility in search results. Continue reading

What is Robots.txt and Robots Meta Tag?

facebook What is Robots.txt and Robots Meta Tag?twitter What is Robots.txt and Robots Meta Tag?
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Robots.txt is a file that is combined with the webpage’s main folder which provides the needed info to the search engine spiders. These robots must be well- made that they must not overload the site with unwanted queries and spiders. They must only invite the related spiders with respect to the contents of that page. These files are also termed as Robots Exclusion Protocol and direct the spiders through your webpage, and make sure that the spiders go through only respective regions blocking the other areas. The file name of a robots.txt must be lower cased and be able to explain the spider’s path. Continue reading